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While the penalties and outcomes of a conviction for a white collar crime may vary significantly depending on your circumstances, one thing is certain: If you have been charged, your reputation is already at stake. A white collar crime is usually directly related to your career and livelihood and investigations into your financial activity can affect your ability to work as well as how you are perceived by colleagues and clients, regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent. At the Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation, our Irvine white collar crime attorneys work hard to help our clients avoid the damaging consequences of an accusation.

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Examples of white collar crimes include:

  • Embezzlement: Depending on the value of items or funds alleged in the accusation, these charges can carry significant penalties.
  • Fraud: Fraud can cover a variety of crimes. Our Irvine fraud lawyers assist clients in legal defense against such forms of fraud as medical insurance fraud, workers' compensation fraud, and embezzlement.
  • Laundering: Money laundering is regarded as a serious offense with severe penalties. A conviction can tarnish your reputation for a lifetime, above and beyond fines and imprisonment.
  • Identity theft: Even if the victim suffers no financial harm, identity theft charges can lead to a conviction. Being caught up in an identity theft case can have serious ramifications.
  • Forgery: If forgery is prosecuted as a felony it can bring heavy penalties. We can provide clients with strong defenses against these charges through proven tactics.

Legal Defense with Compassion

Being accused of a crime may be the worst moment in your life. Our Irvine white collar crime attorneys are not only here to handle legal duties with a capable hand and aggressive approach but we care about our clients. We want to get you through this. Please contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation to discuss your situation so we can begin building your defense.

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