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Internet crimes have become an increasing area of criminal prosecution both on the state and federal level. Because of the advancement of computers, crimes such as identity theft, fraud, harassment, child pornography and threats of harm are on the rise.

The Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation, has been extremely successful defending clients accused of crimes on the internet. Remember, many crimes can include additional enhancements for using a computer to facilitate a crime. Using a computer can thus give you additional jail or prison time depending on the crime and whether you are in Federal or State court.

How Prosecutors Can Charge You with an Internet Crime

Internet crimes are more difficult for prosecutors to prove than the average felony or misdemeanor where there is an actual victim and eyewitnesses. Generally, cybercrimes are committed in private and leave no DNA. They occur in the home, cyber cafes, Wi-Fi spots and other public access areas. Without knowing who is accessing the computer, law enforcement cannot act.

If you are being prosecuted for an internet crime, you need to consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can access your case and advise you on the difficulties law enforcement might have in prosecuting your case. You also need to be made aware of the possible enhancements imposed on internet crimes that can add years to an already hefty prison sentence.

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Whether you have been arrested or being investigated for a sex crime committed online, let our skilled criminal defense lawyers help you. We have worked on a number of cases involving the internet and can use our experience on your behalf. Our Irvine internet sex crimes attorneys are former prosecutors who can give you the unique advantage of anticipating the different tactics of the DA's office to convict you. Our firm has the resources to explore every legal avenue available in crafting a strong defense that can help you obtain the most favorable results possible.

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