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White collar crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, and theft are taken very seriously by the government, both on the state and the federal level. Most white collar crimes are felonies, which means the minimum prison time is equal to sixteen months or more. In some cases, mandatory minimum prison sentences are required by law which means that the person charged with the crime, if found guilty, must go to prison and the judge cannot sentence them to probation. That's why the Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation, work with computer technicians, private investigators, forensic accountants, and other experts when defending clients charged with committing white collar crimes in Irvine and the surrounding areas throughout Orange County.

Consulting a criminal defense lawyer is crucial to your case. Call (949) 558-0042 as soon as possible if you're charged any white collar fraud offense.

Working Aggressively for the Best Outcome

At the criminal defense firm of the Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation, our Irvine white collar crime attorneys will fight not only to help you avoid jail time but to avoid any conviction that could result in a black mark on your future. We have been extremely successful negotiating financial settlements that can earn dismissals and/or seriously reduce prison sentences. At our esteemed firm, we understand the need to protect you and your family so we work hard to find resolutions to cases that is in the best interests for you and your family.

If you have been arrested for any state or federal fraud or theft charge in the Orange County or San Bernardino County areas, you must contact an attorney right away. Early defense is often critical to ensure your rights are protected at the earliest stages of the investigation. Whether you are charged with auto insurance fraud, medical insurance fraud, workers compensation fraud, identity theft or forgery, our criminal defense lawyers in Irvine are dedicated to making sure you are fully represented at all stages of your case.

Protecting Your Professional License from Getting Suspended

If you hold a professional license, conviction of theft or fraud charges may jeopardize your career. Contact our law office now for a free, confidential consultation. Our skilled white collar fraud attorneys will aggressively defend you from the earliest stages of the investigation. We will assist and show you how to locate a loved one in custody and monitor your case. We will file all pre-trial motions, negotiate, and engage in trial always pursuing the best interest of our clients.

White Collar Crimes & Criminal Charges

Just because you or your loved one has been charged with a theft or fraud crime does not mean that the government can prove their case. White collar crimes are often the most difficult criminal cases to prosecute because eyewitnesses and physical evidence are usually lacking. Do not give up and plead guilty just because you have been charged with a criminal theft or fraud case.

The Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation​, advises, counsels, and represents individuals charged with committing the following kinds of white collar crime:

  • Workers Compensation Fraud (Calif. Ins Code §1871.4 PC §550)
  • Medical Insurance Fraud (Penal Code §550, PC§ 484)
  • Medi-Cal Fraud (WIC §14014, 14107, 14107.2, Penal Code §550)
  • Medicare Fraud (Penal Code §550)
  • Real Estate Fraud (Penal Code §487, Civil Code § 2945.4)
  • Insurance Fraud (Penal Code §550)
  • Welfare Fraud (WIC §10980)
  • Mail Fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1341)
  • Check Kiting (Penal Code §476a(a))
  • Embezzlement (Penal Code §503)
  • Bribery (Penal Code §7. Penal Code §66-68)
  • Bank Fraud (PC §459, PC §484, PC §470)
  • Identity Theft (Penal Code §530.5)
  • Forgery (Penal Code §470)
  • Securities Fraud (C.C. 25540)
  • Money Laundering (Penal Code §186.9)
  • Theft from Non-Profit Organization (Penal Code §484)

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