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Aggressive Defense for Financial Crime Charges

Accusations of financial crimes alone can have a serious impact on your life and career. In many lines of work, the reputation you have built your business on could be put at stake during a financial investigation. It is imperative to take steps as soon as possible to obtain the legal representation you need.

Depending on your situation, enough preparation and quick work may also stop charges from being filed in the first place. At the Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation, our fraud defense lawyers in Irvine will work hard to help you secure your reputation and keep you out of jail.

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We defend various types of fraud crimes, including:

  • Medical insurance fraud: Falsifying information with regard to your insurance policy that leads to unentitled payments for medical services. If you have been accused of knowingly presenting an insurance claim containing false information in order to obtain benefits, contact us right away.
  • Workers' compensation: Have you been charged with fraud in relation to a workers' compensation claim you made as an employee? The stress of this situation can be compounded by your injuries and mounting medical bills. Our Irvine fraud defense lawyers can provide an aggressive defense against these charges, allowing you to focus on healing.
  • Embezzlement: California law outlines the theft of something entrusted to you which belongs to another as embezzlement. It differs from typical theft in that the property had been legally entrusted to you. This form of fraud customarily arises in employment scenarios.

Fighting for the Best Possible Outcome

Our Irvine criminal defense lawyers are familiar with fraud cases, which allows us to develop and present strong defenses against these charges. We defend our clients aggressively and compassionately. If you or a loved one needs comprehensive legal defense, do not wait to reach out to the Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation.

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