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Saudi Prince Arrested in Los Angeles for Sexual Assault

Posted by Courtney Pilchman | Sep 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

Saudi Prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28 was arrested after an employee at his Beverly Hills estate told police he tried to force her to perform oral sex on her. Prince Al-Saudi was released on $300,000 bail.

Neighbors in the exclusive neighborhood reported to police they saw a woman bleeding and screaming for help as she was attempting to climb over the walls of the $37 million compound. The prince is charged with forcible oral copulation, false imprisonment, and battery. According to reports, other women have come forward since the arrest to accuse the Saudi prince of similar acts of sexual assault.

According to news reports, a civil case was filed alleging false imprisonment, battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other similar claims by three women. The civil complaint seeks unspecified damages. It is important to keep in mind, the prince is merely charged with the allegations and has not been found guilty nor has he pleaded guilty in court. It is also important to note that a civil claim has also been filed and very close in time to the sexual assault allegations.

Prince Majed Abdulaziz-Alsaud does not appear to have diplomatic immunity which means he is not afforded protection from his government and can be criminally prosecuted for any alleged sexual assault. If convicted, the prince faces a mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender, prison and deportation should he not be a citizen of the United States.

Filing of a civil complaint calls into question the credibility of the alleged victims. Civil complaints are typically not filed against a suspect of a criminal sexual assault unless the alleged defendant has assets that make such a filing appealing to civil attorneys. Also, it is almost required to file a criminal complaint with law enforcement in order to prevail in a civil action for intentional torts. This is because a person who is a victim of a sexual assault should reasonably be expected to report the crime first before seeking civil remedies. And, if the defendant is found guilty or pleads guilty to the criminal charges, it makes the civil case for money damages that much easier.

News outlets are also reporting the prince may have fled the United States and returned to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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