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Experienced Representation for the Most Serious Criminal Charges

Serious criminal allegations demand serious legal representation. If you have been arrested and charged with a violent crime, contact a skilled Irvine criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation, for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Our lawyers are former DA's who have spent many years prosecuting violent crimes. We have worked extensively with law enforcement agencies, criminalists, forensic experts and medical experts all in an effort to prosecute criminal cases. This invaluable experience along with our many years defending clients has made us one of the top criminal defense firms in Orange County.

Here are some reasons for choosing our firm as your representation:

  • We know how sexual assault detectives interview victims and collect evidence.
  • We know how homicide detectives conduct investigations in murder cases.
  • We know how crime scene investigators collect fingerprints at a robbery scenes.
  • We know what county criminalists can and cannot testify to about the forensic evidence collected at crime scenes.

This knowledge along with our stellar reputations with judges, district attorneys, and law enforcement is what sets us apart from other criminal defense attorneys.

When you want to obtain the most favorable outcome for your case, contact us at (949) 558-0042.

Defense Experts Dedicated to Helping You

At the Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation, our criminal defense attorney in Irvine have over 30 years of combined experience defending clients in some of the most serious crimes Orange County has ever prosecuted. We consult with our own medical and forensic experts to ensure jurors get to hear any alternative interpretations of the evidence.

Our firm has a network of dedicated experts who can:

  • Testify to how the evidence was collected and if there was any contamination.
  • Determine what methods of analysis were used by county criminalists
  • If the methods that were used are current and accepted within the scientific community

Ultimately, they will be able to testify to their interpretation of the scientific evidence and how they may contradict that of the prosecutor's experts.

Representing Clients in All Types of Violent Offenses

When you have been charged with any violent offense in California, it is imperative that you have an effective legal representation, especially when you consider the severe consequences of the three strikes law.

Our Irvine criminal defense attorneys can help you with any of the following violent crimes:

We are highly skilled in the art of negotiation. We develop creative legal strategies and consider all alternatives to traditional sentencing in order to get the best possible result for our clients.

For an accomplished defense against even the most serious charges, contact the criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Pilchman & Kay, A Professional Law Corporation, when you call (949) 558-0042.

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