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Woman Scorned Solicits "Rape Fantasies" To Ex-Boyfriends Pregnant Wife on Craigslist

Posted by Courtney Pilchman | Jul 30, 2016 | 0 Comments

Michelle Suzanne Hadley a 29 year old woman from Ontario California is charged with stalking among other crimes after she pretended to be her ex-boyfriends pregnant wife on craigslist, and responded to ads soliciting rape fantasies. Hadley had a romantic relationship with a U.S. Marshalls Service Agent from 2013-2015. After the relationship ended the U.S. Marshall Agent met, and married “Jane Doe”, who is pregnant. Apparently, this did sit well with Hadley. She started a one-woman campaign of terror against “Jane Doe”. In early June, Hadley began sending “electronic threats” to her ex-boyfriends now pregnant wife. She sent insulting and increasingly threatening emails to “Jane Doe”. Hadley not only threatened “Jane Doe's” life but that of her unborn child.

On June 6, 2016, Suzanne Hadley was served with a protective order prohibiting her from contacting “Jane Doe”. But the protective order didn't stop Hadley. She continued with her barrage of threatening emails. Investigators believe that Hadley routed the emails through different computers and servers to avoid being identified by law enforcement. Hadley went even further by posing as “Jane Doe” on the website Craigslist. She is accused of posted advertisement on website Craigslist seeking men looking to engage in “rape fantasy” sex. When men responded to the ad, Hadley supplied them with pictures of “Jane Doe” and the couple's home address in Orange County, California. Hadley is accused of telling the responders that victim, “Jane Doe” wanted them to have “forcible sexual intercourse with her, even if she screamed or resisted.” Several men showed up at “Jane Doe's” residence with intent of raping her, none succeeded. One physically attacked “Jane Doe”, but she was able to resist and call for help and the man fled the scene.

Suzanne Hadley was arrested on June 24, 2016 by the Anaheim Police Department. She was released the same day from custody after posting $100,000.00 bail. After a few hours after being released the threatening emails to “Jane Doe” began again. This time they increased in violent language and threats to the victim. Hadley also continued to respond to responses to her “rape fantasy” advertisements, posing as “Jane Doe”.

Only July 14, 2016, Suzanne Hadley was arrested again and on July 18, 2016; a judge set her bail at $1 million. Hadley is charged with the following violations of California penal code sections: 1 count 646.9(b) stalking with a restraining order, which carries possible sentence of 2, 3 or 4 years in state prison; 1 count 646.9(a) stalking which carries a possible sentence of 16 months, 2 years or 3 years in state prison; 422(a) criminal threats which carries a possible sentence of 16 months, 2 years or 3 years in state prison; 6 counts of 664(a)-261(a)(2) attempt forcible rape which carries a possible sentence of 1 ½, 3 or 4 years in state prison; 1 count 220(b) assault with intent to commit sexual offense during commission of first degree burglary which carries a possible sentence of 7 years to Life in state prison; 1 count of 166(c)(1) violation of a protective order which carries up to 364 days in county jail; 3 counts of 12022.1(b) crime bail crime which adds 2 years to sentence imposed upon for attempt forcible rape. This case will be interesting for court watchers as Michelle Suzanne Hadley is charged with attempted sexual offenses that she herself could not personally commit and the men she solicited with her ads of “rape fantasy” thought this was consensual.

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